Beaches in the Nafplion Area

Great for all ages
Karathona is the beach that is closest to Anthemion. It is a well organised beach, following the coast around a horseshoe shaped bay with crystal clear waters and sandy beach. There are plenty of water sports to choose from and cafe-bars offer the free use of sunbeds and umbrellas in front of the places for the price of a coffee or a drink.
Arvanitia beach is the town's beach that has recently been refurbished and once again become a popular hotspot of Nafplion. It has rocks to lay on and the sea again clear and clean. The bar that controls the beach offers sunbeds to all their patrons.
Naftikos Omilos is an area of the coast where the yacht club is located and there is a restaurant/cafe. Youngsters particularly favour this area for swimming and sometimes visitors that have a limited time in the town.
Neraki beach is found on the way around the cliffs called 'The Round of Arvantitia' which is a pathway that crawls around the cliffs from Arvanitia to Karathona beach. This small beach is quiet and only accessible by foot or by boat.

Other Beaches Close by

  • Tolo
    15 mins
  • Vivari
    20 mins
  • Omilos
    in the town
  • Kondili
    25 mins
  • Karathona
    the closest
  • Nafplio by Anthemion
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