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One of the most important civilisations in history, and responsible for a whole era, Mycenae was the home of King Agamemnon, brother of Menelaos, Helen of Troy's husband. See the famous grave circles, the remnants of the Palace and the famous beehive tomb. A 25 minute journey from Anthemion Hotel.
Capital City of Greece, Athens has so much history for visitors to see including the Parthenon and the New Acropolis Museum. Well worth taking a day out of your holiday to visit. A full day trip, journey time two hours from Nafplion.
Ancient Theatre of Epidavros
Epidavros (Epidauros) is one of the best preserves ancient theatres in the world and with its unique acoustics, one of the most visited. It was the best known sanctuary for healing in Ancient Greece and covered a large area including the Temple of Asclepios, a gynamsium, sports stadium, hospices and much more. Less than half an hour from Anthemion.
Mystra Mountain Churches
One of the most important Byzantine sites in the world, Mystra is located close to Sparta and is a mountain laden with monasteries and churched with amazing Byzantine frescoes and buildings.
Kefalari Cave Church
Kefalari, a small village close to Argos and where the River Elasinos runs next to the pretty Church of Zoodochos Pigi, under which it forms a lake. The cave of Kefalari just at the side of the main church, formerly a subterranean river channel, is magical. About 10 mins from Nafplion and can be combined with a visit to the Pyramid of Ellinikon.
Argos Ancient Theatre
Argos is the oldest continually habited city in Europe and as such is steeped in history. Visit the theatre, the market place (with produce market twice a week), the museum and Larissa castle on the hill above. Just 15 minutes from Anthemion by car or half an hour by local bus.
Olympic Games Ancient Olympia
Home to the Olympic Games, a splendid archaeological site that is better preserved than many sites, although some parts date back to the 7th century BC. Located in a serene valley both the site and stadium are visited by tens of thousands each year. A two and a half hour trip from Anthemion Hotel.
Monemvasia Fortress
Known as the 'Gibraltar of Greece' Monemvasia is accessible only by a causeway from the mainland. The historic Byzantine old town and castle are fascinating and have breathtaking views. A long trip at 3 and a half hours but worth the time, the journey along the coast is very picturesque.
Messini Arcaeological Site
Quite a trip for a day out but nevertheless Ancient Messini was a significant city in Ancient times and having never been destroyed or built upon it offers much to see and the state of preservation is excellent.
Isthmos Korinth
On travelling from Athens to the Peloponnese one crosses over the amazing engineering feat of the Corinth Canal. It is 6.4kms long and saves shipping 24 hours with their journey otherwise having to go all the way round the Peloponnese. Construction of the canal was talked about as early as 600BC but it was only completed in 1893.
Home of The Oracle
Delphi, home of the "Navel Stone" reported marking the centre of the world and thrown by Zeus. Delphi was an important ancient religious sanctuary sacred to the god Apollo. Located on Mt. Parnassus near the Gulf of Corinth, the sanctuary was home to the famous oracle of Apollo which gave cryptic predictions. Much to be seen and wonderful views, if a three hour journey..
Ancient Asini Kastraki
We learn from Homer about Ancient Asini being the port used by the Mycenaeans when their ships left for Troy. This site has been recently updated and has a great interactive gallery for visitors to be able to imagine what it was like in ancient times. The views from the top of the headland look out towards Tolo and Plaka Beach in Drepano. Just 15 minutes from Anthemion.
Kalavrita Railway
History, natural beauty, rack & pinion railway through the mountains, famous monastery of Agia Lavra and in the Winter a ski resort, Kalavrita really has something for everyone and is just a couple of hours journey from Nafplion.
Natural History Museum Argolida
This museum, just 30 mins from Nafplion, is impressive and informative and is full of geological prehistoric finds from the area including fossils, shells, crystals, tools and insects. Perfect place to visit on the way/onthe way back to the Epidavros Theatre.
Ancient Nemea Nemean Games
The Panehllenic games were held at Nemea every four years (the Nemean Games) inbetween the the Olympic Games, the Delphi games and the Corinthian games. Nemea has been excavated privately and the museum, site and stadium are remarkable. The Nemean games have been revived and are held every year in June. Just 40 minutes from Anthemion.
Cyclopean Walls
A UNESCO protected site, Ancient Tiryns was part of the Mycenaean era and the Palace on hte top of the hill is protected by a fortification made up of huge stone walls, legend says made by the Cyclops. Even Homer refers to Asine of the Cyclopean walls. Just 5 minutes by car from Anthemion and often overlooked this site is well worth the time to visit.
Ancient Korinth
Ancient Corinth was one of the wealthiest cities in Greece in ancient times and controlled all traffic to and from the Peloponnese. The city consisted of the fortifications high on the hill (Acrocorinth), the main city on the lower level and the port of Lechaion onthe coast all of which was protected by a wall that ran for 20kms!
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